Helm of the Dabus

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HELM OF THE DABUS [Wondrous Item]

This corroded bronze helm enables its wear to communicate by displaying rebus. Dabus generally treat one who “speaks” their language more favorably, granting the wearer +4 circumstance bonus on all diplomacy checks with the dabus. Furthermore, the helm also enables the wearer to understand any spoken words or written texts, including rebus. Only one helm is known to exist, currently in the possession of Jeremo the Natterer, who aspires to become the leader of the Ring-Givers in Sigil. (See In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil, pp.40-41 for more details on Jeremo.)

Type Wondrous Item
Market Value: 4,000 gp
Craft Level: 4
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost: 2,000 gp
Weight :3 lbs.
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Joined: 2004-05-13
Jeremo the Natterer

Jeremo (and his helm) are featured in the Cutters section. Jeremo has taken the reins of the Ring-Givers post-FW.

Enzo (Section Manager, Cutters)

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