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(Note: This is a 3.5 update/replacement for Russel Brown's old version of Chaos-Shaping skill imported from a

The raw chaos matter that Limbo is composed of can be manipulated by mental control. Individuals that are both gifted and trained are known as Anarchs; they are able to form objects of extreme complexity, including cities and life forms.

Check: When you attempt to establish a degree of control over an area of Limbo, you make a Chaos-Shaping check and look up the result in the table below. Other effects than those listed below can be produced with permission from the DM. After successfully controlling the chaos-stuff, you must keep making Chaos-Shaping checks each round thereafter, or the control lapses (but se "Stabilized Area" below).

Action: Making a Chaos-Shaping check is a standard action. Each subsequent check to maintain control can be repeated once per round as a free action.

Retry: Yes, but a failed Chaos-Shaping check renders the character unable to use the skill for 1d4 rounds.

Table 1
Check Result Area of ControlStabilized Area Control Effects
1-9 None
10-14 1-ft. radius Ward against elements
15-19 5-ft. radius Choose element dominance
20-24 10-ft. radius Choose element dominance
25-29 15-ft. radius Mix element Dominance
30-34 20-ft. radius 5-ft. radius Fabricate
35+ +5 ft. for every 5 points over 30 +5 ft. for every 5 points over 30 Improved fabricate

Area of Control: "None" indicates that the creature is unable to gain control of its environment. The increasing radii denote an area of control surrounding the controlling creature, so a creature with a 1-foot radius area of control can create only a 1-foot buffer between itself and the environment.

Stabilized Area: Stabilized areas form at the very center of, and overlap, an area of control. When an area of control lapses, stabilized areas remain and retain their traits. If not regularly maintained, they are eventually eroded by continual external influence of the uncontrolled chaos-stuff.

Control Effects: The listed effects stack. For example, a character that gets a result of 25 could choose to mix the air- and fire-dominant traits and apply them in a 15-ft. radius, while warding himself and everyone within 5 ft. of him from the fire damage and the adverse effects of the winds.- Ward Against Elements: The character protects itself from drowning in a water-dominant area, from fire damage in a fire-dominant area, from suffocation in an earth-dominant area, and from wind effects in an air-dominant area. Since the ward is only 1-ft. deep, it protects only the character and its possessions. - Choose Element Dominance: The character can select one element-dominant trait that applies in the controlled area.- Mix Element Dominance: The character can select one or more element-dominant traits that apply in the controlled area, creating a hybrid effect. Both traits apply at the same time; for example, an earth- and fire-dominant area is a boiling ball of magma. - Fabricate: You convert the elemental matter of your controlled area (usually earth-dominant) into a product that is of the same material. Creatures or magic items cannot be created or transmuted by this effect. You must make an appropriate Craft check to fabricate articles requiring a high degree of craftsmanship. When you stop maintaining control, only the objects created in the stabilized area remain in existence; those from further out dissipate back into chaos.- Improved Fabricate: As above, except you can delicately mix the elements to create organic matter, even minor living creatures.

Synergy: If you have 5 or more ranks in Chaos-Shaping, you gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks made in Limbo.

___________Two Auxiliary Feats:

CHAOS WIELDER [Special]You have the innate talent for controlling the chaos-stuff of Limbo.Prerequisites: Native to Limbo, or the Limbo-bordering area of Outlands, or any plane with the highly morphic planar trait; Chaos-Shaping 1 rank.Benefit: You have a +2 bonus on Chaos-Shaping checks. In addition, Chaos-Shaping is always treated as a class skill for you, regardless of which class you advance in.Special: You can only select this feat at 1st level.

ANARCH [Special]You are trained as a member of the Anarchs’ Guild, an organization that shapes and builds in Chaos. Prerequisites: Chaos-Shaping 10 ranks, at least one month of training under an Anarch.Benefit: When you fail a Chaos-Shaping skill check, you no longer temporarily lose the ability to use the skill. Therefore, you are now able to take 20 on Chaos-Shaping checks.In addition, you are able to participate in an Anarch Communal. A Communal is a psionic "ritual" similar to arcane circle magic ceremonies. It requires at least a dozen of Anarchs to perform. The exact power-level of chaos-stuff manipulation in a Communal is unknown (DM's discretion).Normal: A failed Chaos-Shaping check renders you unable to use the skill for 1d4 rounds.

Stat: Wisdom
Untrained: Y
Armor Check: N
Other Classes: The Chaos-Shaping skill is treated as cross-class for all characters without the Chaos Wielder feat.
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