Temple of Legends

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The Temple of Legends Copyright © 1999 by Torsten Bernhardt

Hearsay: Legends say that there is a temple - deep in the wilds of Arborea - where legends are made flesh, and that to find the place means to find untold treasures. Unfortunately, the place is also guarded by warriors of legendary renown, so the treasure has thus far remained safe.

Ruler: The only permanent resident of the temple is Emmerlaus (Pl/male cyclops/P12 (Delius(?))/Sign of One/CE). Long ago, Emmerlaus, a new convert to the Sign of One, wandered through Arborea trying to impose order upon it through force of will. He stumbled upon the temple and somehow managed to realize its powers. Through intense concentration, he also managed to invent (so he believes) the former lord of the temple, the titan Delius. Emmerlaus now believes that he can best serve his faction and power by allowing all those who wish to enter to stay in the temple, creating worlds.

Behind the throne: Delius may be the creator of the temple or may be a figment of Emmerlaus' imagination. More intruiguingly, Delius could be both, given the nature of the site. The alleged titan is unknown to greybeards who study the exiled powers, but many of that pantheon's names have been lost anyway.

Special Conditions: Divination spells give totally random results anywhere near the site, and when possible are phrased in reference to legends which may or may not be known to the caster. Invocation spells are permanent and illusions become real (but still have a limited duration) if the caster fails a save vs. spells, but only as long as the item or illusion remains in the temple.

Description: The Temple of Legend, when found, appears as almost anything, as does its main occupant; several return visitors haven't known that they have come to the temple again, as Emmerlaus often changes his name or simply refers to himself as "the caretaker". Emmerlaus bids everyone welcome and invites them to stay for as long as desired for a low daily fee. Animated servants serve the guests tasty and nourishing food, and the beds are firm and comfortable.

The site has an ability to draw in travellers from quite a wide radius, so there are usually a few fellow visitors to talk to. Emmerlaus claims to operate the hostel to meet new people and hear new tales of far-flung lands, and encourages guests to spend the evenings telling each other about their adventures and travels, or at least stories and legends from their homelands.

Characters in each such tale appear in corporeal form somewhere in the plane 1d6 turns after the story has been told. These forms fully believe that they are who they appear to be and act accordingly; however, they will never leave the plane and immediately cease to exist should they do so. The apparitions seem fully real to all mundane and magical tests and cannot be dispelled, but vanish without a trace when killed. These forms have a level or hit dice proportionate to their fame, but never more than 50% higher than the person listening to the tale.

Militia: Emmerlaus is a formidable opponent in his own right, but he prefers to tell troublemakers about legends and tales that reflect the current situation. For example, if a group of selfish thieves threaten him, he will spin the tale of Arved the Thief-Catcher, Master of Nets and Slayer of Cut-Throats, who (as legend has it) always poses as a member of a band of thieves only to betray his evil comrades at just the right moment.. Invariably, the legendary figure(s) that put things right appears within a few (1d3) rounds to deal with the ruffians.

Services: Food and a safe bed are the obvious services available at the temple; no one has yet discovered the other possibilities of a stay here.

Current Chant: The secret nature of the place means that there is almost no chant about it. Stories of the resurrected legends range far and wide, helping to give the plane its legendary reputation.

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