Ravenloft Elemental Planes

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Ravenloft Elemental Planes

By: Sword of Geddon, with other contributors from the Wizards boards.

Where the Demiplane of Dread intersects with the four core Elemental Planes, four unusual - and slightly disturbing - Demiplanes are born.

BloodA endless sea of (you guessed it) red human blood. Other than the Blood Elementals, and various bloated insects and the vampire-like blobs found here, there isn't much in the way of inhabitants. If one approaches the border with Water, the blood begins to dissipate, but due to the nature of Ravenloft, one cannot journey to the Plane of Water by going past the area of Ravenloft's influence. The Barriers will still block all progress.

GraveThis downright freaky Demiplane is composed of endless fields of graves ranging in size from normal to gargantuan, composed of marble, slate, rocks, granite, wooden pyres and every imaginable grave material. It is said that the names of all who lived and died in Ravenloft are engraved here, and that the spirits of those unfortunates haunt Grave because it is impossible for them to journey to their true Outer Planar afterlife.If one approaches the border with Earth, the gravestones become less and less distinct and become mingled with normal rocks and such, but, due to the nature of Ravenloft, one cannot journey to the Plane of Earth by going past the area of Ravenloft's influence.The only native creatures besides the ghosts of the dead are the morbid Grave Elementals, as well as oracular ravens of various sizes which are said to feed on the despairing calls of the spirits trapped here.

PyreThis Plane at first appears similar to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The difference is that islands of cool stone float above the endless flames, and the flames below actively consort, like a living creature, and try to burn creatures of flesh that enter the Demiplane. This is due to Ravenloft's evil influence on the flames, not due to the flames being intelligent, which they are not.Some of these flames, however, are intelligent: these are Pyre Elementals, which are Fire Elementals tainted and transformed by the strange energies of Ravenloft. The Pyre Elementals don't like visitors to their Demiplane, and will attack them on sight if possible.The islands become rarer and rarer the closer one gets to the border with Fire, and the flames become less and less actively-hostile. But due to Ravenloft's influence, one cannot escape to the Elemental Plane of Fire from this point.

MistSimilar to the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Steam, this Demiplane's nature couldn't be more different. The Mists are cold and clammy banks of nearly endless fog. Sometimes the fog shapes itself into monstrous and terrifying forms. Most of the time this is a harmless, if scary, feature of the Demiplane, but sometimes it is actually one of the Demiplane's natives. The Demiplane is home to Mist Ferryman, Mist Horrors, Vampiric Mists, Crimson Deaths, and Mist Elementals, to name a few. The least hostile of these is the Mist Ferryman, which occasionally will guide visitors back to Ravenloft, for a small price (of a soul or two).The closer one gets to Elemental Air, the more transparent the Mist gets. However, bloods hoping to escape to Elemental Air will be in for a huge disappointment, as the power of Ravenloft prevents escape, even this far away.

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Good idea! I feel sad for those ...

Good idea!

I feel sad for those poor ghosts trapped in Ravenloft and unable to rest.

Maybe those cremated would haunt Pyre instead, and those who drowned or whose bodies were left in the water, would haunt Blood. That leaves out people who got eaten ... perhaps their ghosts would also be in Blood.

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Re: Ravenloft Elemental Planes

Great stuff, I've been seeing this on Cafe De Nuit as well. Perhaps a continuation of ideas in this post...


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