Plane of Shadows (Alternate)

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Demiplane of Shadow

By: Sword of Geddon, and other contributors on the Wizards boards.

An ancient Demiplane which is the source of, and link to, all shadows. Some on the Prime consider it a Plane. Others consider it a Para-Energy Inner Plane formed by a non-explosive combination of Positive and Negative energy. Strangely enough, the Shadow Elementals seem to lend credit to this theory.For those who regard Shadow as an Inner Plane:The Plane of Shadow is composed of a pseudo-real substance called Shadowstuff, which is everywhere on the plane. As the newest Inner Plane, Shadow has borders with the other Four (or Five, if Wood is counted) Elemental Planes. The inhabitants of each of these mysterious border planes are a combination of creatures native to Shadow and the plane in question (Air creatures sometimes live in Shadow-Air etc.)Shadow-Fire: the nearer one gets to the border with Fire on the Plane of Shadow, the more flame-like things seem to become. This Pseudo-Elemental Plane is known as Shadow Fire. The Plane itself resembles the Plane of Fire, only the temperature is comfortable, and the ghostly black flames do not harm living beings. Essentually, most of the plane is composed of Fire made out of Shadow-Stuff, and the only Shadow-Flames that can harm lie near to the border with Fire. Near the border, the temperature increases to levels close to those found in the Plane of Fire, and the Flames burn, although, like an illusion, they can be disbelieved.Shadow-Air: This place is exactly like the Plane of Air, only the infinite sky is black rather than blue, and the clouds are a dull gray. The only difference between Air and Shadow-Air is that the plane features a nearly infinite amount of enormous walkways composed of Shadow-Stuff. It is said that these walkways are the beginnings of a plane-sized bridge being built between Shadow and Air.Shadow-Earth: Shadow Earth is so similar to the Plane of Elemental Earth that only a native of Earth or a wizened explorer could tell the difference. The entire place is composed of Shadow-Stone, a bizarre substance combining pure Elemental-Earth with the Shadow-Stuff of the Plane of Shadow. It is said weapons composed of Shadow-Stone have some unusual qualities, but the natives (Shadow-Xorn, and Shadow-Weirds to name a few) of this Pseudo-Elemental Plane prevent massive amounts of Shadow-Stone from being smuggled out of the Plane.Shadow-Water: Called the Murky Depths by Marids and Tritons familiar with this Pseudo-Elemental Plane, Shadow Water is an endless sea of pitch-black water. Like Water, fish make their homes here, except that the fish living here are all bioluminiscent. That is, they glow, making their own light. Lantern Fish, Gulper Eels, and Angler-Fish are examples of creatures making Shadow-Water their home. It is said that sinister Wastiliths of incomprehensible size haunt this plane and devour any intelligent being they come across.Shadow-Wood: This place is known as the Midnight Forest by those familiar with it. Like the Plane of Elemental Wood, Shadow-Wood consists of endless green-leafed branches spiraling in all directions. The difference is that Shadow-Wood is a dark, gloomy place, rather than a bright and cheery place like Wood is. The constant gloom is offset by fireflies of various colors that make the plane their home. These creatures are said to have originated on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance, and that some time in the past, they migrated here. Other than this light difference, there is little to distinguish Wood from Shadow-Wood.

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