Demiplane of Zian

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Demiplane of Zian

By: Sword of Geddon, with other contributors from the Wizards boards.

"Entropy? Such foolishness. And you wonder why we do not tolerate your kind here."-King Zian, to unnamed DoomguardIn the past, during the fourth age of the multiverse, the Illithids, or Mind Flayers, controled nearly the entire Prime Material Plane. The rise of the Illithids brought the end of the age of Elves(who were already in decline by this time), and spread like a virus, nearly unopposed threwout the human-dominated worlds.On one world however, the powerful magic using humans managed to hold off the Illithid's Spelljamming fleets long enough for the entire Crystal Sphere to be transported into an empty Demiplane.Zian is a Demiplane consisting of a small area of wildspace-like material, a sun, several planets and moons, and lastly, the world of Zian itself.Zian is ruled by the Immortals, powerful beings of near-godlike power, and has a vaguely, "Ancient Persian culture". Each Immortal rules a quadrant of the Demiplane, the greatest of which is King Zian himself. Under the Immortal-rulers are ageless Humans, who govern smaller areas within the quadrants(such as a continent), under them are long-lived, but mortal, Kings, who rule countries within their' superior's zone of control, and finally, there are the peasants, noblemen, and every other class of human society.Demiplanar ConditionsTime is controled by King Zian, and as such, flows as he whims it to. If one of the Continental Governors opposes, or attempts to rebel against, the aims or wishes of one of the Immortals, then King Zian often ages the normally Ageless Governor in question as a punishment, moreover, King Zian alone, out of all the Immortals, has the ability to gate in things from other planes to Zian if he so wishes. Chronomatic Magic, therefore, works if King Zian wishes it to, and is therefore, not a reliable form of magic here.

Demiplanar Enemy: The DoomguardThe Doomguard, as a faction, believe that nothing is eternal, and that everything is eventually destroyed, so as a result, King Zian, wishing to rule his Demiplane for an eternity, would like nothing more than to destroy the Doomguard as a faction, as he views them(perhaps rightfully) as a threat to his power. As a result, Bounty Hunters and assassins hired by King Zian to eliminate DoomGuard members are beginning to pop up here and there threwout the Planes.

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