See the glories of the Mount!

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 Think the Upper Planes are boring? Think again, sod! See the glories of the Mount!


For a limited time only the archons have opened up Mount Celestia forthose who want to see the glories that may await you in the next life(or death, for you Dustmen). For a "small" handling fee, we'll get youto the Silver Sea that surrounds Mount Celestia.

Once there, the zoveri that live in the Sea will help you into one of the spacious ships that ply the waters. The Crystal Hopeprovides its own wind for its sails! Your guide for the first part ofyour tour will be the silver dragon Cthanthus, who'll meet you on the Crystal Hope.

Chat with Cthtanthus and thefriendly crew while experiencing the peaceful eternal night until youland at the island of Colestad Anglistar, a tiefling who resisted hernatural tendencies and took up a life of peaceful contemplation.Meditate with Anglistar and feel your mind expand. After receiving anugget of wisdom in response to any question you may have, board the Crystal Hope again and make for the mainland.

Landing at Heart's Faith, you'll stay at the cozy inn of Heart's Restand shop the numerous shops of the burg. Feel free to buy any gear youmay have forgotten. They'll have it for so little jink you'd think theywere Ring-Givers! Note the pride of lammasu that keeps this place safe.If you like, you can even ask them about the Modron March thatpartially destroyed the city a few cycles back.

After obtaining what youneed, Cthanthus will accompany you along a path that leads up towardsMercuria, Mount Celestia's second layer. On the way, stop at thememorial that commemorates a major battle fought on the spot againstfiendish invaders over a millennia ago. The silver sculpture is knownas "Twice Fallen", referring to the fallen fiends that fell again (andpermanently!) in their attack on the Mount. Not far past the monument,visit the Fountain of Joy and drink pure joy, an experience sure tobend your brain-box towards law and goodness!

Cthanthus will then let youenter the misty clouds that mark the division between Lunia andMercuria. The local petitioners will clean your clothes and equipmentand what's more, will wipe away any worries you have for as long asyou're on Mercuria!

Once through the mists, yoursecond guide, Leissiel, one of the sword archons, will meet you. She'llguide you to the Armory of the Seventh Sword, where you can see theweaponry that waits to be used against the forces of evil whencompassion and peaceful resolution fail to work. On display are severalof the weapons used in the Twice Fallen battle, along with sevenmosaics showing the course of the battle.

After spending as much timeas you want in the Armory, Leissiel will take you to the burg ofBienitas, where the famous arts festival will be underway. It may bethe mountain of goodness and law, but that doesn't mean that the art isboring or that the competition for the Seven Feathers, a prize for thebest entry in any given field, isn't intense! The sculpture competitionis especially close this cycle. Chant has it that Talithanno's newcomedic play, "The Archon and the Antagonized Aasimon", is even betterthan his last, "Baatorian Brandy for the Bubbers," (which is stillplaying at Sigil's Greenacre Theatre).

After the festival is over,Leissiel will take you to a portal to the Infinite Staircase, whereit's just a short walk (and downhill all the way!) to the doorway backto Ironhearth. Hurry to our stores right now, because who knows howlong the archons will keep this offer open! It's a great chance to seeMercuria, which hasn't been available for tours before now!


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