Demiplanes R' Us

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What do you get the Blood who's got everything?Demiplanes R' Us What could be better than a demiplane created to your exacting anddemanding standards! Our guide, Gopher Sputtlepot, can escort you toSigil where you will meet and greet with the Society of theLuminiferous Aether. Be sure to bring plenty of jink, as these cuttersare top-shelf and don't come cheap.

After the formalintroductions, one of their in-house mages will create the demiplaneafter extensive consultation as to the exact conditions you'd like tohave included. The casting and stocking of the demiplane can take up toa cycle, so plan ahead if it's meant as a surprise gift!

Depending upon the particularfurnishings and occupants you'd like included; you may have to providesome of these yourself if we are not able to find them after anextensive search. Once your home away from home is completed, a guidefrom the Etherfarer's Society will be available to take you from Sigilto the Ethereal and back at your command for a small per-trip fee.

Please note that this fee isseparate from the Snail Outfitters guide fee. The Etherfarer's Societyis sworn to secrecy about the demiplanes, and won't have any idea ofwhat's in them, so your privacy is assured.

Examples of demiplanesavailable include gold, fizzy water, leomarh fur jungle, rubberbouncing tunnels, spiders, and whatever else your mind can come upwith! The cost includes one term of a guardian yugoloth, maelephant, orspectator beholder (your choice, subject to availability) to keep yourcase as safe and sound as the Illuminated Heaven!


by Torsten BernhardtBe Tarmy!Don't run off without having the right equipment, bloods! Try a list of the following items, all available at Snail Outfitters!Portal Compass, Backpack of Holding, Cosmetics and Detect Prime.

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Heh. We need to find a place for this in the zine.


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