Think You Can Survive In The Woods?

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Need ta lann the darks of the Beastlands? Try this tour! Think you can survive in the woods?

Anyone can make it out in the woods when you've got priests and magesand magic galore. But what if you didn't have all those spellslingersaround? Could you survive? Try it and see!

Spend a week in the terrain of your choice on the Beastlands with our guide Delaefi (Pl/F weretiger/Druid 11/Wylder/N) and her beastmaster friend (Pl/M human/Beastmaster 5/N).She'll show you all you need to know to make it in the great outdoorswhen you're all you've got! What to eat, what not to eat, how to avoidbeing eaten, she knows it all. You'd better learn well during the weekyou've got her, cause after that you're on your own for another weekwith nothing but the clothes on your back and a knife!

If you get into too muchtrouble, Delaefi and her friend will be there to help you, but they'renot going to coddle you, so you'd better remember how to make a fire onyour own! After finishing this course, you'll be able to deal with thegreat outdoors even when your mage is out of spells and your priest istoo far from his power!


by Torsten BernhardtBe Tarmy!Don't run off without having the right equipment, bloods! Try a list of the following items, all available at Snail Outfitters!Pouch of Preservation,Camper's Ring, and Modron Messkit.

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Re: Think You Can Survive In The Woods?

A nice back end to Issue 2. Smiling


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