See the Blood War!

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Act like a Clueless!See the Blood War!


Yes, yes, we all know the phrase, "Where can I see the Blood War", is avery old joke about the Clueless, but face it: you're as curious as thenext sod. A war that's lasted longer than most Prime worlds have evenexisted, with two of the most powerful and deadly plane-born racessquaring off against each other over three entire planes, isn'tsomething that one can be blase about. The tanar'ri masses charge withenough berserk fury to make a valkyrie sob with delight and the baatezuforces, organized and disciplined, stand firm against onrushing wavesof violence.

Your guide Guerith Longarmwill take you to the plane of your choice (the Outlands, the GrayWaste, Gehenna or Carceri) using his cubic gate to see this titanicclash of armies. Ask at our main store for the latest battlegrounds andengagements. Be forewarned tho, cause the Blood War's known forchanging paths in a moments notice, so some battle locations may havealready shifted by the time you reach them.

You'll have enough minders tokeep you safe while you watch. If things get too dangerous, Guerithwill have you back to safety before the fiends can reach you. Whoknows, perhaps you'll even see a crack yugoloth mercenary squad enterthe fray!

Warning! TheLower Planes are a dangerous place, and the Blood War is about asdangerous a place to be as there is. Snail Outfitters makes absolutelyno promises about this tour.


by Torsten BernhardtBe Tarmy!Don't run off without having the right equipment, bloods! Try a list of the following items, all available at Snail Outfitters!Silver chain mail, Canaloth Repellant and Amulet of Protection from Vermin!

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