Bytopian Sleighride

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NOT FOR THE WEAK-HEARTED!! Bytopian Sleighride

 Been on the regular Bytopia trip and still have the nagging feelingthis plane has more to offer than simple workers and an occasionalforest? You're right. Just look around you! Look at Bytopia's mainfeature, it's huge mountains! It's these mountains that form the mainpart of our second Bytopian excursion: the Bytopian Sleighride.

See the most hardenedSensates squirm with fear as they desperately try to keep their lunchesinside. Watch as even the toughest Mercykiller begs for some REAL mercyafter this trip. Expose yourself to the most life-threatening andsickening form of entertainment since the Baatezu Entrail Excursion!

Your trip begins on Shurrock,in a restaurant situated close to one of the "touching peaks", whereyou will enjoy a lavish meal served by friendly petitioners. After ashort briefing, the walk to the base of the mountain begins. Oncethere, you will be given a Pinnacle Zephyr.

This magical device, craftedespecially by a special team of enchanters, looks like any ordinarysled, but looks can be deceiving! Fact is the Pinnacle Zephyrhas the uncanny ability to sleigh UPWARDS by itself, on command. Itdoes this just as well as going down and with the same exhilaratingspeed! Of course, on command, it also works as a regular sleigh.(That's the fun of the excursion, berk!)

After another briefing, tomake sure you've really catch on to what the sleigh can do, our guideswill lead you to the starting point on one of Bytopia's best-preparedand steepest slopes. There, you will be strapped to your Zephyr,for maximum safety, and let go! Feel your entrails protest as theacceleration kicks in and your hair starts to fall out due to theblinding speeds of this bone-chillin' experience. Oh, and don't forgetto keep yourself on course!

After a wild ride, you shouldreach the nexus, where Shurrock ends and Dothion begins. Now braceyourself for the shock as gravity shifts and you suddenly lungedownward again, provided you command the Zephyr at the propertime. You wouldn't wanna be stuck at the nexus, would you? Or speeddown the wrong mountain and be laughed at by your friends? So, payattention as you reach the top! If your timing is correct, you shouldcontinue your ride at the same blinding speed. Failing to do so willmost likely only make you hungry again!

As the slope gradually getsless steep, you will begin to lose some speed. Commanding the sleigh togo up can provide more braking, but it ain't very comfortable. In duetime, you will stop by yourself as the eternal snowpack ends. Once atrest, a Dothion guide will help you unstrap and then lead you to yetanother restaurant where you will be served -if necessary - anothermeal.


by Rutger KramerBe Tarmy!Don't run off without having the right equipment, bloods! Try a list of the following items, all available at Snail Outfitters!Pinnacle Zephyr, Liquid Courage, and Radiance Goggles.

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