Be Anything For a Day!

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Make your dragon dreams come trueBe anything for a day!

 Have ya ever really wanted to be someone else? Well, have ya everwondered how it would be to be a different race? We've all wonderedwhat goes on in the minds of other creatures. The terrible malevolenceof the tanar'ri, the even more horrifying perkiness of kenders, theseare things that everyone has tried to understand. In most cases,they've failed.

Now we give you the chance toexperience first-hand the existence of any race you can possiblyimagine. Through a newly-formed alliance, specialty mages will cast animproved polymorphing spell on you (no chance of dying or your jinkback!), allowing you to feel what it's like to be whatever you want!

As part of the experience, we can be released into any situation youwant (this is declared before the transformation). If you want, we caneven provide minders (especially recommended for kenders) to keep yousafe while you're transformed. After a predetermined amount of time isup, we'll reverse the process through a harmless method. Some dream ofbeing king for a day; why not be a dragon instead and eat a fewkings!?!


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