Xandaar's Wondrous Orbs

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Xandaar's Wondrous Orbs Evocation, , See Above
Level: Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V, S, M
Time: 1 Action
Target: N/A
Range: N/A
Area: See Above
Effect: One orb per 5 caster levels
Duration: 1 round per level, or until thrown
Save: See Above
Spell Resistance: Yes
This spell creates one small orb per 5 caster levels, to a maximum of four orbs. The orbs flicker with an inner fire of a different color, depending upon how the spell is cast. The orbs generated may be of any combination of colors desired.

The orbs can be thrown at any targets the caster choses. An attack roll at the caster's base attack bonus, with a +3 bonus due to the spell, is necessary for the orbs to hit. They have a range increment of 10 feet, though suffer no attack roll penalties for rance, and up to two orbs may be thrown in one round by using a full-attack action, at the caster's second Base Attack Bonus, with a +3. The orbs are considered grenadelike missiles that cause a "direct hit" on anything with the area of their effect. That is, their area of effect is the area around the point of impact of the orbs.

The known types follow:

Orange Orb of Fire: This orb explodes on impact in a 20' radius, inflicting 5d6+5 points of fire damage to all within the area of effect unless they make a Fortitude save, which negates the damage. Those within the area must also make a Reflex save (DC 15) or their hair, clothes, and equipment catch on fire, as per the rules in the DMG (taking 1d6 damage per round that they fail the Reflex throw). This may destroy clothing, items, etc that the character is holding.

Yellow Orb of Lightning: This orb explodes on impact, causing a forked lightning bolt to strike two targets of the casters choice within a 20'radius. These targets suffer 4d8+4 points of electric damage, or can avoid damage with a Reflex save. Those targets wearing metal armor suffer 4d8+8 electric damage, instead, if they fail their save.

Blue Orb of Cold: This orb explodes on impact into a storm of ice that deals 5d6+5 points of cold damage in a 20' radius, unless the victim makes their Fortitude save to negate damage.

White Orb of Positive Energy: This orb explodes on impact. The explosion is so bright that all who are within 40 feet (except the caster) are automatically blinded for 2d4+1 rounds and stunned for the first of those rounds. Those within 80 feet who can see the 40-foot blast must make a Fortitude save or suffer same effects. This orb has a different effect on creatures from the Negative Material Plane (including all forms of undead) and creatures from the Lower Outer Planes. All such creatures within the 40-foot blast instead suffer 5d6+5 points of damage and are stunned for 1 round if they fail a Fortitude save.

Black Orb of Negative Energy: This orb explodes on impact, inflicting 6d4+6 points of damage to all within 20'. Those within this area who fail Fortitude saves are also Slowed for 2d4 rounds. Undead, Negative Energy beings, and creatures from the Lower Outer Planes are unaffected by this orb.

Purple Orb of Acid: This orb explodes with a shower of acid on impact. The acid spreads out to a 20' radius, dealing 3d4+3 points of acid damage on the first round and 2d4+2 points of damage on the second round. A Reflex save will negate the damage. Also, those within the explosion must make an additional Reflex save (DC 15) for every item in their posession, or it is also dealt damage from the acid.

Material Component: One pearl of no less than 100gp value for each orb.

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