Dark Spell of the Other Body

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Dark Spell of the Other Body Necromancy, , [Evil]
Level: 9
Components: V/S/M/F
Time: 6 hours
Target: 1 creature, replicated with the manequin
Range: Anywhere on the same plane
Area: N/A
Effect: N/A
Duration: Permanent
Save: No
Spell Resistance: No
When cast, the caster can make any physical effect performed on a clay manequin happen to the target of the spell. To cast the spell the caster must have some sort of link with the target, or the spouse of the target, be it a wedding ring, an amount of blood, a shared scar, whatever.

Normal effects of this spell include:1 -> pressing seeds into the clay to bring boils2 -> stabbing needles into the eyes, to cause blindness3 -> pulling out the heart to cause a heart attack4 -> wounding the doll in a way to inflict up to 1d10 points of damager per caster level5 -> crippling the target by destroying a limb or organ

The spell can only affect targets on the same plane of existance as the caster and the manequin.

Material Components: clay mixed on the night of a new moon with the blood of a crippled, red headed child, and then made into a life size replica of the target.

[Editor's Note: The original location of this spell (what it was converted from) has not been told to me by the author. If anyone knows where this spell originally appeared, contact me, and I'll change this entry accordingly. In addition, this spell was altered without author permission due to the length of getting a response back from him. If the author would contact me wanting to revise any point in my editing, they may feel free to, as it is first and foremost their creation. -- JD]

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