Crystal Mind

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Your mind fractures into a number of completely independent 'facets', each with all of your mental capabilities, with a resulting number of individual minds equal to your Charisma modifier. With those parts, it is as though you had an entire party of characters in a single body...each part has it's own personaly, but shares any statistics with the original character.

The newly segmented mind allows a character so affected to take one extra partial action per facet, per round. These follow the usual rules for partial actions, and is fairly similar to a powerful Haste spell, simply that it grants more partial actions.

You can take your extra partial actions at any time during your turn each round, either before or after your regular action.

In addition to the notable bonuses granted by being able to take more partial actions per turn, you are never flat-footed while under the effects of Crystal Mind, you are incapable of being flanked, and you gain a +10 bonus to Will Saves. If you are subjected to a mind-affecting effect while your mind is fragmented, make a number of saving rolls equal the number of minds. If even one successfully beats the effect, the power or spell fails. Likewise, even helpful mind-affecting effects can only affect one mind (and one partial action) at a time.



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Disciplines: Telepathy,
Level: 6
Display: Vi
Manifest: 1 action
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Effect: N/A
Duration: Permenant (D)
Save: N/A
Resist: 0
Points: 1
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Re: Crystal Mind

Very unique. Thank you for posting this, mate!


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