Cape of Chains

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The cape of chains is a cape made literally out of chains.The chains are flat, finely constructed, bladed and up to 12 feet long, as the cloak resizes itself so that it never touches the ground. The chains on the cape can be commanded to attack a target up to twice per round as a free action. The chains enjoy the wearer's BAB and number of attacks. They cause 2d4+4 damage on a successful hit. The chains can attack up to 25 times per refresh, and the cloak makes up to 4 attacks of opportunity per round at the wearer's will. The chains can perform civilian actions (such as wrapping around a bottle of wine and bringing it to the wielder) without spending themselves. Also, once per day the cape can form into a pair of metal wings and allow the wearer to fly as the spell at a cost of 1 chain spent/minute. The chains cannot be used to attack while in "Flight" mode. The cloak can form itself into a suit of mithril chainmail, but cannot be used to attack while in this form. The suit provides an +6 AC bonus while in this form, as well as a -4 Check penalty and 50% spell fail. The cloak consumes one chain for each ten minutes that it spends in armour form (rounding up).Making the cloak assume either flight or armor mode is a standard action, and provokes an attack of opportunity. Switching from any mode to normal is a free action.

The cape itself is made of 25 chains made of Mithral, and each chain "spends" itself when used in combat, or as given above for flying or armour modes. When all the chains are "spent" the mantle from which the chains arehung begins to emit a small amount of discomforting heat. At this point the cloak must soak in moonlight for a peroid of 2 hours in order to refresh itself. If exposed for shorter periods, then one chain is recharged for each 15 minutes that the cloak is exposed to moonlight.

Constructing the chains requires a metalsmithing check (DC25) and 9000Gp worth of mithral. Each failed attempt ruins half the mithral and the lost amount must be replaced(4500Gp worth of mithral) in order to resume construction.Constructing the mantle upon which the chains rest requires 1000gp worth of Darkwood and a sucessful woodworking check (DC15). Again, failure results in half the material being ruined.Constucting the blades for the chains requires 5000gp worth of Adamantine and a successful weaponsmithing check (DC 20). Again, failure results in ruining half the material.the cape can them be assembled almost without effort. Market Price: 60000Gp, CasterLevel: 12 Prerequisites: Craft Wonderous Item,Telekeinesis, fly.

Type Wonderous Item, Magical
Market Value: 60,000 gold pieces
Craft Level: 12
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost: 45,000gp
Weight :35lbs.
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