Bracers of Battle, Ysgardian

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This pair of stout leather bracers are covered with golden studs and pale green crystal, and fringed with vicious looking spikes. Created on Ysgard, they have captured some of the glorious spirit of that plane and can imbue the wearer with it to make them into a mighty warrior.

This energy can be tapped into once per day; when the command word is spoken, the crystals pulse bright green for a moment and that glow suffuses into the wearer. The magic gives the wearer a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws, grants an enhancement bonus of 1d4+1 to the wearer's Strength score and gives him 1d8 temporary extra hit points. This effect lasts for ten rounds.

Type Wonderous Item, Magical
Market Value: 14,400 gp's
Craft Level: 10th
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost: 7,200 gp's, 576 XP
Weight :1 lb
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