Bloodforge Bracers

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This pair of bracers are each a tube of bronzed metal, with clips and hinges allowing it to be put on and taken off. The metal is inscribed with etched arteries scratched into the surface which have then been filled with crushed ruby; the arteries all flow around a central ruby 'heart' on each bracer. The magic in these bracers tap into the life flow of the blood in living creatures, allowing the wearer to heal his own life energies and either heal or disrupt the life energies of other creatures.

The wearer may spend a charge to heal 2d8+10 points of damage to himself as the magic realigns the energy flowing through his blood, and can also spend a charge to invoke Blood Bridge as the spell.Finally he can spend a charge to disrupt the blood energies of another, allowing him to make a touch attack of range 25 feet as a ruby beam darts from one of the "hearts". On a successful hit, the beam deals 2d6+6 damage to any creature with blood running in their veins, and the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 12) or be staggered for 1d3 rounds.Bloodforge Bracers are created with 50 charges.

Type Wonderous Item, Magical
Market Value: 36,000 gp's
Craft Level: 10th
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost: 18,000 gp's, 1440 XP
Weight :1 lb
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