Black-Barbed Charm

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This is a string of black barbed seeds linked together by one of the hairs of the Night Hag Ravel Puzzlewell. This is one of Ravel's improvised charms; when the string of seeds is sliced in the right spot, the necklace unravels around the caster, invoking the Black Barbed Shield spell that will help protect them from attacks. It will also damage anyone attempting to harm the caster. Using this item is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

(This submission was converted, with permission from Wizards of the Coast, from Planescape:Torment).

Type Wonderous Item, Magical
Market Value: 175 gp's
Craft Level: 3rd
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost: 87.5 gp's, 7 XP
Weight :Negligible
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