Ziggurat Spider

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The Ziggurat spider is found mostly in Marduk's layer. It spins red glowing webs that spiral downwards, like an inverted ziggurat. It is the size of a plum, however it is appreciated by tanar'ri and mortals alike as a delicacy and hallucinogen. It's not venomous or dangerous to human-sized creatures, but swarms attack manes and other small things.

Its effects resemble a goristro kick; illusions take place of normal vision seconds afterwards. It suppresses the superego utterly. In Sigil, it can reach prices as high as 250gp per spider. Death penalty is carried on by the Red Death to those that bring them in. The tanar'ri export it to Baator secretly to the lesser ranks by the means of yugoloths and Sigil's merchants.


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