Take That You Fiend

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This power, reputedly named after what the originator of the power cried when she first used it, uses the power of the manifester's mind as a weapon.

When attacked with this power, the target is permitted a Will save. If they fail, then they take damage equal to the manifester's Intelligence bonus (minimum 1) multiplied by their level, as cuts and grazes suddenly appear on the target's skin (or, when used by powerful psions, deep gouges and wounds).

Should the target make their saving throw, then there is no physical effect apparant, but they still suffer half of the above damage, but they take it as subdual damage.

This power is converted from the spell of the same name from the game Tunnels and Trolls, published by Flying Buffalo, and written by Ken St. Andre.

Disciplines: Psychometabolism (Str),
Level: Psion 2 / Psychic Warrior 2
Display: Vi
Manifest: One action
Range: Medium (100 feet plus 10 feet per level)
Target: One creature
Effect: N/A
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: See text
Resist: 0
Points: 3
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