Summon Lesser Baatezu

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Summon Lesser Baatezu Conjuration, Summoning, Diabolic
Level: Sor/Wiz 4
Components: V, S, M
Time: 1d8 minutes
Target: N/A
Range: Close
Area: 1 creature
Effect: N/A
Duration: 1d6 minutes
Save: None
Spell Resistance: No
This spell summons up a lesser devil from the depths of the Nine Hells. The wizard must know the true name of the devil being summoned (access to true names is up to the DM). Baatezu torn to the Prime Material Plane are usually not happy about it, so the wizard must chalk a warding diagram around him and cast a protection from evil spell before the casting begins. Wizards not protected in this way will be immediatly attacked by the summoned devil.Scrolls of this spell are often found with the name of the devil as part of the spell. A wizard can substitute a true name he has researched, or try his luck with the name supplied by the copyist. Those using the scroll as is should roll 1d20 and consult the list below:D20 Roll Baatezu1-6 Name is incorrect. No devil is summoned.7-9 Named devil has been demoted to lemure status. While the lemure does appear when summoned, it is mindless and cannot bargain.10-11 Black Abishai12 Green Abishai13 Red Abishai14 Spinagon15 Osyluth16 Barbazu17 Erinyes18 Kocrachon19 Hamatula20 Named devil has been promoted. Roll 1d20 again. On 1-10, an Amnizu is summoned; 11-17 summons a Gelugon, while 18-20 summons a Pit Fiend.Once the devil is summoned, the wizard has 1d6 turns to conduct his business. At the end of the duration, the devil returns to Baator.The material components of this spell are 50 gp worth of incense, a calf or goat to sacrifice, and a ritual dagger.Source: Guide to Hell p. 23
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