Sensate Earring

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These earrings are set with tiny stones and gems, that twinkle and sparkle in almost any light. When closely examined, the symbol of the Sensates can be seen at the centre of the earring. Various enchantments have been placed on these earrings, raising the senses of the wearer to new levels. With one of these earrings, the wearer gains the benefits of the Alertness feat. If they already have Alertness, then they gain no additional benefits, and wearing two of these earrings also provides no additional benefit. These earrings are only available through the Sensates, to their members, but some have passed into general circulation, usually on the death of the Sensate wearing them.
Type Wonderous Item, Magical
Market Value: 2,000 gold pieces
Craft Level:
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost:
Weight :Negligible
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