Rat Charm

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This strange charm of woven rat-tails was made by Barking-Wilder, and it has been infused with some of his chaotic spirit. When worn as a bracelet, it helps the wearer shrug off physical attacks and gives him an insane rush of strength and energy (but reduces the wearer's wisdom accordingly). When held in the hand, it can also be used to confound others for a limited period of time.

  • If worn, it gives the wearer a +2 natural armour bonus to AC, along with enhancement bonuses of +2 to both Strength and Constitution. However, his Wisdom suffers a penalty of –4 to reflect his chaotic nature.
  • If held in the hand, it can be used to invoke Confusion once per day. This item can be used only by Xaositects.
  • Type Wonderous Item, Magical
    Market Value: 17,000 gp’s
    Craft Level: 9th
    Craft Prerequisites:
    Creation Cost: 8,500 gp's, 680 XP
    Weight :Negligible
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