Psychic Reanimation

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A menacing power used only by the most evil masters of the way. This power imparts artificial life on corpses touched after it is manifested, similar to the Animate Dead spell. However, there is a difference. These undead are not unthinking monsters but are fairly intelligent, perhaps even having an average intelligence. When used, apply half the creating psion's wisdom, charisma, and intelligence to the new undead creature as their new statistics. It should be noted that undead created in this way are free willed and have their own personality. However, their alignment now matches their creators, regardless of what the undead's alignment was when it was a living being. Undead can then be controlled by magic or could even be parlayed with and encouraged to help their creator for the reward of being laid back to rest once their task is complete. The undead could also elect to attack the psion who created them. Regardless, the undead's saving throws, attacks, and special abilities are normal to the standard zombie or skeleton.
Disciplines: Telepathy (Cha), None
Level: Psion 6
Display: Vi
Manifest: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: One corpse per level of psion
Effect: None
Duration: Permanent
Save: None
Resist: 0
Points: 9
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