Hollow Horror

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Hollow Horror Transmutation, , Fear
Level: Sor/Wiz 8
Components: V,M,S
Time: 1 round
Target: You
Range: Personal
Area: N/A
Effect: N/A
Duration: 2 rounds / level
Save: Special (see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes
A frightening spell to behold, hollow horror displaces the caster's internal organs into an extradimensional pocket, without harming the caster. Only the outer body parts (skin, hair, ect, though the eyes disappear into the pocket dimension as well) remain in the same dimension as the caster.

Due to the lack of vital organs, physical attacks deal mininum damage to the caster and he is immune to critical hits. He is also immune to decapitation or dismembering (such as from a vorporal weapon).

Addiioinally, the sight of the caster causes anyone looking at him to be affected by a fear effect (though creatures may apply Spell Resistance to this). Affected characters must make a Will save, failure resulting in them becoming panicked. Panicked characters recieve a -2 to attack rolls, saves, and checks, have a 50% chance to drop what they're holding and run away from the caster as quickly as possible. Other than running away from the caster, their path is random and they will flee from any other danger that confronts them while doing so. They will cower if prevented from fleeing. This fear effect ends after the affected characters have not seen the caster for 2d6 rounds.

Material Component: a hollow stattuete of the caster made of porcelin and worth at least 50 gp which crumbles to dust upon the completion of the spell.

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