Hell's Chains (Kyton Bracers)

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These bracers appears to be made up of barbed chains that wrap around the forearms, with several chains dangling a short way and ending in a hook or blade.

These chains were taken from slain kytons, and the inherent magic of those creatures used to enchant the bracers with their qualities.

The wearer has mental control over the chains, and can order them to extend up to 15 feet long and attack in place of his normal attacks.

This gives him two attacks at his base attack bonus, dealing damage of d8+3 with each hit (they count as +2 weapons for hitting creatures with damage reduction).

The user can also animate the extended chains to do other things, such as manipulate objects - he could pick up a cup and bring it to his hand with a chain for instance, although he can only use one chain from each bracer at a time for this sort of action.

The hooked chains can also aid in climbing by acting like grapnels and digging into the surface being climbed, giving a +5 circumstance check to any Climb skills being made while wearing these bracers.

Type Wonderous Item, Magical
Market Value: 12,000 gp's
Craft Level: 9th
Craft Prerequisites:
Creation Cost: 6,000 gp's, 480 XP
Weight :1 lb
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