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Author: Rasgon "The Lady always finishes everything she does. It's just that no one knows quite what she's doing."There are Mazes that haven't entirely spun off from the rest of Sigil. Whether they represent cases where the Lady changed her mind, whether they are merely some anomaly, or whether they're a natural stage in an elderly maze's development is uncertain. But, in a few places, particularly the Hive Ward and deep under the city's streets, a wrong turn can cause a traveler to wind up in a complex of streets and alleys too vast to fit in the space it's in. Unlike a full maze, half-mazes aren't punishment and they can be exited simply by retracing the path taken in. Some half-mazes are actually used as lairs by secretive creatures, or as underground markets popular among Anarchists and Indeps. There are some that argue that they have a vital role in Sigil's economy and structure. Others would just as soon see them disappear. The strangest half-maze is found in the Lady's Ward and is a safehouse for the Mercykillers. Its entrance is carefully disguised and guarded.
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