Casa de Tiefer

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Author: Scott Perry Creative SolutionsCasa de Tiefer is a Sigil-based advocate firm with clients located throughout the City of Doors. We've built, through many cycles o' service, a reputation for quality and integrity. Our firm was established on the principle that every sod should have an advocate, even a tiefling! We've never lost sight of our commitment to provide our clients with top-shelf service, which we personalize to each client's needs. Through our combination of experienced advocates and tarmy inkers, Casa de Tiefer is able to provide just the right combination of preparation and courtroom skills. In the rapidly changing environment that is the Cage, successful cutters and enterprising bloods must look for new ways to conserve their hard-earned jink. PhilosophyThe primary goal of our staff is to provide top-shelf service with a creative and energetic approach to ensure our clients' success. The old-fashioned barmy concepts of commitment, integrity, and quality of service have not been abandoned. These concepts are applied with the newest and most sophisticated techniques, both natural and magical. PeopleWe believe the best approach to servicing our clients is through teamwork. Everyone at Casa de Tiefer has something special and unique to offer. Our staff is led by Gabe Zaels, the famous tiefling advocate who won the crucial Law vs. Kaos case. Gabe heads a group of fifteen tiefling advocates along with our head scribe Emton Stidalg. It's no accident that each of our staff has diverse backgrounds and experience. ServicesCasa de Tiefer provides a full range of quality services from representation at the City Courts to business consultation. We don't forget however, the ultimate purpose for which our services were solicited, the right solution to your exact problem. At Casa de Tiefer we strive to provide creative solutions involving the Law and matters of Order. Additionally, our offices are conveniently located near the City Courts in the Lady's Ward! Accounts and auditsAn intense review will be conducted to enable Casa de Tiefer to issue an opinion with regard to your current situation. Our emphasis on planning and communication with you provides the setting for efficiency and timeliness. Our procedures and analytic review are designed to identify potential problems during the course of your audit. Our staff of top-shelf cutters will provide potential solutions to yer troubles as well. Planning and preparationCasa de Tiefer prides itself on minimizing our client's taxes while assuring that all Fated and Fraternity of Order requirements are satisfied. Three key factors contribute to our success in this most important area: extensive knowledge of tax laws and ordinances, intimate knowledge of our clients' assets, and the use of sound judgment in the structuring of taxable transactions. We regularly guide our clients with regard to mergers, acquisitions and liquidations, representation before Fated authorities, and estate minimization. Business solutionsFew businesses can exist without some form of outside jink. Whether your need is for working jinkscore, expansion or acquisition funding, all of our resources are at your disposal. We will prepare your jink statements in an accurate, complete and timely manner and use our unblemished record and long-standing relationships to your best advantage. Casa de Tiefer will assist you in anticipating your needs well in advance. Solid planning will allow you to explore all available sources in a dignified and organized manner. Personal planningThe rapidly changing climate of the multiverse today makes personal planning more vital than ever before. No longer do needs have ta be satisfied by murder, kidnapping, and different forms of robbery. Casa de Tiefer provides a full line of personal planning services including estate planning, preparation of personal leafers, and jink flow analysis. Our experience has demonstrated that the ease with which your goals will be met varies directly with the amount of time you provide to us. ClientsCasa de Tiefer has a very broad-based group of clients. They range in size from sole operators to large consortium groups with multi-planar operations grossing over two hundred million jink each cycle. The businesses served include the following: construction, distribution, import/export, publishing, real estate, restaurants, market retail, planar trade, and warehouse management FeesCasa de Tiefer has a commitment to efficiency and cost consciousness. We closely monitor the time spent on each client and the results achieved. Our fees and billing arrangements are fully discussed prior to the rendering of initial services. CommitmentWe have committed ourselves to putting our clients first, which has helped us to enjoy consistent growth and one of the lowest client turnover rates experienced by a firm in Sigil. In many cases we have serviced clients for over forty cycles and have begun to service the second generation of family members. We realized long ago that our creative solutions must be tailored to each client's individual needs. It is however, no longer just enough to be creative problem solvers. The pace at which the multiverse is changing requires us to be problem anticipators. At Casa de Tiefer we are ready today to help service tomorrow's needs. We invite you to contact our office for a consultation. Let us demonstrate how our cycles of experience and training may be of service to you.
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