The Ethereal Egg

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Recommended Levels: n/a
Author: Gary RayEmail: -Required: one hero-

The adventure is only suitable for pc´s where at least one character is of good alignment.

The Serpentine Society, a group of barmy Guvners dedicated to protecting and studying all dragons, clumsily kidnaps the hero through the use of sleep poison and mancatchers. They tell the character a strange story about The Cosmic Egg, laid every 10,000 years by "The Dragon", a serpent creature that plays prominently in various mythologies as a kind of phoenix creature. The Dragon resides on a demiplane in The Ethereal (the Source of all creation, according to the Godsmen), and the laying of the egg and the hatching of new life is a mythological renewal ritual that signifies the continuation of the multiverse.

-Entropy rears its ugly head-

The Doomguard have latched onto this story and have discovered a description of the demiplane where The Dragon resides. They hope to smash the egg in a defiant act of final universal destruction. No one knows if the multiverse will cease to exist or if the egg is just symbolic, but the Guvners don’t like the Doomguard plan regardless. Nor would many of the other factions, come to that.

As they would be nearly impossible to stop on The Ethereal, the character should find the egg first and deliver it to Sigil, where it will be safely hidden on the Positive Energy Plane, through a nearby portal in The Lady’s Ward, until its hatching in several weeks. Simply steal it from The Dragon and bring it back. Oh yeah, and sorry for the kidnapping, but you would have never listened to us if we hadn’t.

-To the rescue-

If the character doesn't accept, the society members will be terribly disappointed and mutter that "He doesn't care." The adventure ends there and the DM should have a little talk with the ´heroic´ player. If he/she does accept, then the society helps him contact his friends, as "you will definitely need their help on this mission." The characters then plunge into the ethereal....

-The plot thickens-

The pc´s meets up with competing adventurers, who claim The Serpentine Society only wants to dissect the egg to figure out what’s inside. The pc´s then meets up with Doomguard, who tell story that the smashing of the egg is the true legend, and signifies the destruction of evil and supremacy of good for the next 10,000 years - they provide convincing documentation. Are they lying? Possibly...

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