Stealer of Knowledge

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Recommended Levels: n/a
Author: Gary RayEmail: -Tanar´ri attack!-

The PC’s appear in The Outlands after a Plane Shift from Arborea. They encounter a patrol of Tanar’ri who attack them, but the encounter ends when infighting kills the leader. The other Tanar’ri are too disorganized and unsure of who will backstab next so they allow the PC’s to leave.

-A disturbing encounter-

The PC’s arrive in town and are immediately beset by a man, being chased by a crowd. He’s a doctor and he’s just killed his patient when his knowledge of medicine faded from his mind. The crowd wants blood obviously and the doctor asks the PC’s for assistance. The man carries two things: his medicine bag and a parcel wrapped in paper. It contains a painting: a beautiful river scene with two large stone monoliths. He has no idea where he got it.

-It´s all the cat´s fault-

A painter who is also a member of the Transcendent Order has befriended a cat, the Sympathetic. The cat has sucked him dry of all his knowledge, making him a master artist. The doctor met the painter (and the cat) on the way to his patient and bought his painting. The cat, sucked him dry of most of his medical knowledge, as well as memory of the encounter.

The owner of the cat, a Tanar’ri who steals minds and takes over bodies has just arrived from The Abyss to the city. He has assassinated a Tanar’ri Lord, A’gra the flailer. His cat grew impatient and left without him-cats are like that. He now flees the scene of the assassination looking for his cat. He kills a travelling merchant outside of town and steals his body. He leaves bodies wherever he goes throughout the town over the next few days, leading his pursuers on a wild goose chase. His pursuers are the Tanar’ri patrol the pc´s met earlier.

The PC’s are thrust into several bizarre mysteries: additional people lose their knowledge (a big deal in the realm of Thoth!) from the cat. Additional people are killed and their bodies taken from the owner of the cat. The Tanar’ri, looking for the assassin cat owner, create lots of commotion but eventually get no-where.

Grand finale

At the end of the adventure, the Tanar’ri assassin finds the artist and breaks into his apartment to take his cat. The Tanar’ri patrol catch up with him in the apartment, the PC’s catch up with the Tanar’ri patrol. A great battle ensues in which the cat is likely to remain undetected unless the PC’s figure out what’s been happening.

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