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Type: Faction
The Revolutionary League, also known as the Anarchists, believes that all forms of lawful authority are oppressive and corrupt. They must be brought down in the name of freedom, especially the factions of Sigil.Applies: Revolutionary League members. Prereqs: Anarchists must be of non-lawful alignment. Benefits: An Anarchist is so good at lying and concealing his true identity that he can even lie to magic spells. If subjected to a spell that could blow his cover (such as detect thoughts, discern lies, etc.), he can use his Bluff check instead of his saving throw if the check is higher. If the check is successful, the spell returns a result consistent with the Anarchist's cover identity. Naturally, Bluff and Disguise are class skills for all Anarchists. Normal: None. Special Notes: An Anarchist cannot own a business, hold public office, or otherwise participate in the corrupt "system." He must also donate 50% of his wealth to the Anarchist cause to prevent himself from being seduced by capitalist greed. If he fails to do this, he loses his faction abilities until he atones (by a faction cleric casting atonement.) By: Michael FranzImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
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