Tangaroa: Creator of All Things

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Tangaroa is one of the more wrathful of the creation deities, once upon a time creating the Oceanic world as it exists, and later becoming rather irked at his brother-god Tane for separating the sea, Tangaroa’s domain, from the sky.

Originally, Tangaroa was a creative force, coming out of the mussel shell he materialized in, and creating the world, the gods, and all living beings. However, once Tane, the god of forests and woodcraft, became the popular deity, Tangaroa’s wrath unfurled upon him and all those that sided with him. Because his brother's wooden spears, fishhooks, and wood-fiber nets killed shoals of the fish Tangaroa loved, he commanded the sea to sink canoes, swallow the trees and forests, and eradicate the beaches with lapping waves.

Tangaroa’s curse introduced Death into the world when this occurred, and still Tangaroa strives to undermine all of Tane’s creative efforts.

Tangaroa has changed from his origins as a creative god to be more directly associated with the sea, and with death by it. He is the god of fish, reptiles, winds, air, and waves. Sometimes, he was even associated with plants, vegetation, and house building (though his brother most often got the credit for these).

The god of woodcraft more-or-less ignores his jealous brother, accepting what the sea-god does and tolerating it, and making tools to get around it. Tangaroa has major “turf” issues with his brother, who has staked a claim on his ownership of vegetation and house buildng, which Tangaroa was partially associated with through his connection to weather and rain. Their areas of control overlap in some regions, and this is reason enough to give spite to each other, even if Tane didn’t try and weasel around Tangaroa’s control every chance he got. This means that, although Tangaroa is a creator god, he mostly no longer serves that purpose, being instead a destroyer of what Tane has wrought. And what Tane has wrought tends to be good for the folk who can't breathe water.

Tangaroa not only introduced death as a curse, and caused it within his domain, his oceans are also the land of the dead, where the souls of those killed go for their final resting place, beneath the waves stirred by a vengeful Creator.

The sea-god is a grumpy one, never really forgiving his brother, and seeming obsessed with eradicating him for much of the time. He sometimes goes into new areas, to create a new fish or invite some storm upon someone, but mostly stays focused on Tane’s downfall. He can be rather personable if he doesn’t see you siding with the Forest Lord at all, but the merest hint of sympathy for Tane will get his ire up, and likely get you drowned, crushed, or devoured by sharks and whales.

Tangaroa is often quite distant from other gods, brooding in his undersea palace, unable to concentrate on much beyond the thwarting of Tane. Despite the cause of this hatred being turf issues, Tangaroa doesn't seem to mind gods from other pantheons much, unless they side with Tane...and then they're hated with unmitigated passion. The reason seems to be because of his focus. Other sea gods don't kill his subjects, and other woodland gods aren't his brother doing this cruel act.

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Pantheon: Oceanic
Portfolio: Ocean, Fish, Reptiles, Wind, Weather, Creation, Death, Vengeance, Destruction
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Worshippers: Seafarers, Farmers, Fishermen, Those Wronged
Incarnation: A humanoid, often giant-sized, crawling with various living creatures. Often, he can open himself up to reveal a smaller form inside, which can open up to reveal a smaller form inside, which can open up...etc.
Titles: Kanaloa, Taaroa
Rank: Greater Power
Priesthood: Priests of Tangoroa are very close to the sea that they hold dear, often living near the ocean and often traversing it. The priests believe that Tangoroa is more powerful than the other gods, and thus needs to be sated with offerings if he is to allow things of Tane to cross his surface. Priests of Tangoroa are sought out for dealings in a fishing venture, in good rowing, and for good weather. And if he’s not sated, the next time you’re out rowing you can expect not to come back.

Their credo is that all things begin and end with the sea, and so the sea is the holiest of places. Many of their rituals and prayers take place near or within the sea, and their holy water is almost always salt water. They hold a special reverence for sea creatures, and will never eat them -- though they're usually more than happy to snack on anything harvested from Tane's forests.

Priest Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, True Neutral
Favorite Weapon: Bone Knife (Use Dagger statistics. Bone Knives break and become useless when you roll a critical blunder)
Holy Item: Mussel Shell
Symbol: Fish emerging from a mussel shell, all on a blue field.
Domains: Air, Animal, Death, Destruction, Plant, Water, Summonning* (a * indicates a domain found in Defenders of the Faith), Weather, Ocean, Vengeance[vs. Tane]
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