Survival (Urban)

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Those with this skill are able to find venues of food and shelter without monetary payment in an urban environment.Checks: On a successful skill check, the character is able to find either food or shelter for a time dependent on their success against their DC as follows:

DC 10: The character can find a single standard meal or a place to sleep for up to 4 hours.

DC 15: The character can find food or shelter enough for one day.

DC 20: The character is able to obtain a small amount of time being fed or sheltered (about a week), or is able to find both food and shelter for three days.

DC 25: The chcracter is able to secure a kip for a fortnight (about 2 weeks) or find a meal a day for the same time frame. Retry: Only twice a day for food, but shelter may be continuously rerolled. If a first check fails for shelter, however, you are not able to stay for more than 1 day, regardless of the success. Special Notes: Those without this skill often fall prey to hunger and exposure in a short while.

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Stat: Wisdom
Untrained: Y
Armor Check: N
Classes: Rogue, Sorceror
Other Classes:
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