Scribe Magical Tattoo

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Type: Item Creation

This feat allows you to create magical tattoos. Applies: Wizard, Sorcerer Prereqs: Caster level 9, 5 ranks in Knowledge (arcana), 5 ranks in Craft (tattoo), Scribe Scroll. Benefits: Magical tattoos confer a near permanent benefit on the wearer - they only cease to function if the tattoo is deliberately erased, or if it is damaged in some way, though it is extremely difficult to damage such tattoos as they tend to be crafted in such a manner to ignore normal damage.

When crafting such a tattoo, you must pay any XP cost involved (detailed in the tattoo description), and if there are prerequisite spells involved in the tattoo then you must have them available for casting - scribing the tattoo counts as casting the spell. Most tattoos confer a benefit that is permanently active, though a few need to be triggered.

Scribing a tattoo is a difficult process. A minor tattoo requires a successful Craft check against DC 15. You may choose to apply your Dex modifier to the check instead of your Int modifier (as is the norm for Craft checks) if you so desire. A major tattoo requires a Craft check against DC 20. The rare major arcana tattoos requires a check against DC 25. Failure means that the tattoo was imperfect in some way. It therefore fails to absorb the magic, though it remains a tattoo on the skin of the recipient.

Magical tattoos contain much power bound into the very skin of the recipient. No more than two active tattoos can be worn (in order to apply a third then one of the first two must be deliberately erased), and those two must be worn on different parts of the body (e.g. one on the torso, one on an arm, or one on each leg). If more than two tattoos are worn, then the character suffers 1hp of damage per round until they have only two tattoos, or are dead, from the surplus of magical energy running through their body. Failed tattoos do not count towards the limit of two per body. Normal: None. Special Notes: Erasing a magical tattoo is a difficult process, and can only be successfully performed by someone with the Scribe Magical Tattoo feat. It requires a successful Craft (tattoo) check against the same DC as was required to apply the tattoo in the first place. Failure indicates that the tattoo was not removed, success either permanently erases the tattoo, or damages it so badly that it will not function. In either case 1d6 damage is done to the recipient because of the processes involved (primarily due to certain acids that are usually used). At the DM's discretion, certain types of magical damage (usually fire or acid) can also inactivate a tattoo, providing they cause sufficient damage to the correct area of the body. However, magical tattoos are crafted to be able to resist destruction.

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