Ravel's Fingernail

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This twisted fingernail of extruded night hag skin has got to be one of the ugliest things you have ever seen – it came from the legendary night hag Ravel Puzzlewell, who was killed in her maze by a powerful being called the Nameless One.

Its mottled green, red, and black surface is almost a foot long, and it seems like it was used alternately as a scratching aid, nose-picking tool, and gardening trowel. Looking at it makes you wish that Ravel did chew her nails. Or at least had a nail file with her in the maze.

It acts as a short sword +2, that also can infect any target struck with the disease "devil chills" (DMG page 75) if they fail their Fortitude save (DC 25).

(This submission was converted, with permission from Wizards of the Coast, from Planescape:Torment).

By: Christopher AllenImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Weapon
Weight: 1 lb
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