Portal Feel

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Use this skill to learn what's on the other side of a portal or gate before stepping through.Checks: You can determine certain facts about a particular gate or portal. DC 15 (by intuition and observation, the character determines whether a given portal leads into a setting or situation of direct and immediate harm.) DC 20 (the character determines the plane on the other side of the gate or portal.) DC 25 (The character determines the general environment on the other side of the gate or portal.) Retry: None. Special Notes: If you have 5 or more ranks in Spot, you gain a +2 synergy bonus to Portal Feel. Portal Feel does not enable a character to learn about the gate key required to open a portal or gate. By: Matti KiviharjuImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
Stat: Intellegence
Untrained: N
Armor Check: N
Other Classes: Planewalker [any]: Class Skill
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