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With this skill you know the who and the how of the planes. You recognize most of the symbols used by major players on the planes, be it faction, merchant guild or faith. Thus, when you need a certain item or piece of chant you know who to talk to and how to best approach the subject. It can also be used to recognize those you wish to avoid.Checks: A successful check means that you know what affiliation a symbol belongs to. A second successful check gives you an idea of what said group has interests in, and what their predominant alignment is, if any. A failed check usually means that you don't know, a critical failure gives you false or misleading information. Typical DCs: DC 10: Large and/or influential group, such as one of the factions or the holy symbol of a major deity involved in planar affairs. DC 15: Large sects and most holy symbols of greater and intermediate powers, as well as most multiplanar companies, both mercenary and merchant. DC 20+: Local groups, symbols of lesser deities, merchant guilds and mercenary companies operating on one or two planes only. Note: You do not have to roll for symbols used by your own affiliations. Retry: Generally, no. The DM might allow it if further clues are given. Special Notes: You get a +3 bonus to the check if you have successfully identified the symbol before. Certain Knowledge skills will also grant a +2 bonus to the check if applicable. For example, Knowledge (Pandemonium) will give you a +2 bonus to recognize symbols of that particular plane. By: Lars BengtssonImported from a previous version of
Stat: Wisdom
Untrained: N
Armor Check: N
Classes: Bard, Ranger, Rogue
Other Classes: Any prestige class the DM feels appropriate: Class Skill
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