Planar Effect on Magic: Ysgard

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Enhanced Magic

o Transmutation spells that enhance a warrior’s physical attributes are Empowered (e.g. bull’s strength, cat’s grace & endurance). Transmutation spells that either make a warrior faster or improve his battle prowess are Extended (e.g. enlarge, expeditious retreat, jump, darkvision, fly, haste).

o Divination spells are both Enlarged and Extended, but, in keeping with the individual character of the plane, only a single creature can be spied on at a time. Attempts to scry locations, mobs, or epic events fail.

Impeded Magic

o Necromantic spells are difficult to cast while on Ysgard. To successfully cast spells from the Necromancy school the caster must make a Spellcraft skill check (DC 15 + the level of the spell). Failure means that the spell is lost.

o Curing and healing spells are generally looked down upon by the powers of Ysgard; those who can bear pain and wounds and still accomplish tasks are much respected. As a result spells with the Healing descriptor require a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + the level of the spell) to successful cast. Failure means the spell is lost.

Limited Magic

o Abjuration spells come under the influence of Heimdall, the guardian of Bifrost. They function normally within sight of Bifrost, but nowhere else without a key (Shield & Iron-Can’t-Bite runes).

o Ysgard is more cut off from the elemental planes than other outer planes are. As a result all spells with the Fire, Air, Water and Earth descriptors fail to work without a proper key (Air—shout rune, Earth—strength rune. Fire—quench and spark runes, Water—sea rune).

o Illusion school spells are influenced by Loki. They work normally except in times of danger, when they unaccountably fail unless a berk knows the key (Sight and speech runes).

o Spells with the Summoning or Calling descriptor can only conjure creatures that are native to Ysgard. Unlike other outer planes, no psuedo-elementals can be summoned on Ysgard. Why: I love the third edition and the new Manual of the Planes, but it lacks the flavor that made Planescape really captivating.Pro: Gives magic on Ysgard more flavor and make the locale more memorable. Con: Since the rules are slightly more detailed, there is more that the DM has to keep up with when characters cast spells.

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