Mirror of Sallossa

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Created by a suspicious and paranoid sorcereress, this 4' by 6' polished oval obsidian mirror has powerful enchantments that aids the user who knows its secrets in guarding against betrayal and deceit.

First, the user can cast any Divination spell known as though it were 1 level lower for memorization purposes.

Second, if any person whose reflection is shown in the mirror has evil intent toward the user, the user will be able to see a vision in the mirror of what the target would like to do to the user if the target fails a save against Will (DC 25). The user also gains a +20 bonus on Sense Motivation and Read Lips checks against targets seen in the mirror.

Third, the user can activate several powers as a free action when within sight of the mirror:

  • Foresight 1/day
  • Vision 1/day
  • Greater Scrying 2/day
  • True Seeing 2/day
  • Contact Other Plane 2/day
  • Scrying 3/day
  • Detect Scrying 3/day
  • Clairvoyance 1/hour
  • Detect Thoughts 1/hour
  • Comprehend Languages 1/hour
  • Detect Poison 1/minute

Finally, there is one drawback to using the mirror, as Sallossa found too late to save her own life. Anytime the user thinks the results of a use of the mirror against a target will yield negative information about that target's goals, the user must pass a Will check (DC 25)or see actual negative results, whether or not the truth is negative or positive.

Thus, if a user suspects a party member of wanting to rob him, he will see a vision of that person stealing from him in the mirror regardless of whether or not the party member really wishes to steal from the user of the mirror. If the Will check is passed, the actual truth is revealed by the mirror.

Note that the user of the mirror never knows when the mirror is lying to him.

By: Samuel WrightImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com

Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Mirror
Weight: 100 lbs.
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Re: Mirror of Sallossa

Cool artifact, I like how it aids but also deceives.


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