Knowledge (Planes of Law, Chaos or Conflict)

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A character with this skill knows well the history of these planes (Law, Chaos or Conflict), the plane's inhabitants, how magic is affected there and some of the plane's well hidden secrets. If the skill check fails the DM may choose to give error information or information of another plane.Checks: Answering a question within your field of study has a DC 10 (for really easy questions), 15 (for basic questions), or 20 to 30 (for really tough questions). Retry: None. The check represents what you know, and thinking about a topic a second time doesn't let you know something you never learned in the first place. Special Notes: An untrained Knowledge check is simply an Intelligence check. Without actual training, a character only knows common knowledge. By: Billy MakrydakisImported from a previous version of
Stat: Intellegence
Untrained: N
Armor Check: N
Classes: Bard, Wizard
Other Classes:
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