Iron Mule Kick Feat

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Type: Racial
This kick is performed by the hind legs striking backwards with both hooves against a lone target. Applies: Quadrupeds Prereqs: Prerequisites: base attack +3 or better, Improved Unarmed Strike, quadruped races only. Benefits: Benefit: This does x3 the base unarmed damage of the kicking creature, plus strength modifiers. This is a full round action. Normal: Quadraped characters may attempt a kick of this type normally, however such an action provokes an Attack of Opportunity, and only does normal unarmed damage plus 1.5 times the str mod, if any, of the attacking character. Special Notes: Special: Mule Kick can only be done against rear targets. If the Knock-Down feat is possessed as well, the user of Mule Kick may knock targets to the ground as per the Knock-Down feat, and receives a +4 bonus on opposed Strength checks to knock over enemies with this kick. By: Samuel WrightImported from a previous version of
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