Invoker's Bane

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This shield was originally created to protect the brave knights of a prime world from the deadly magic of a rival country's invokers. It appears as a large, ornate metal shield, with a white background upon which is set the image of a golden dragon rampant. The shield is heavily enchanted to protect the wielder from the fire and lightning of an angry invoker, and to even deflect back at a spellcaster any evocations he might launch at the wielder.By: Christopher AllenImported from a previous version of
Type: Large metal shield
Cost: 155,170 gp's
AC Bonus: 4
Max Dex: --1
Armor Check: -2
Spell Failure: 15%
Speed 30: 30
Speed 20: 20
Weight: 15 lbs
Special: “Invokers Bane” is a large metal shield +2 of fire and lightning resistance (absorbs the first 10 points of fire damage and the first 10 points of lightning damage each round). In addition, it has a constant Spell Turning up that acts as the spell of the same name but which only affects spells of the Invocation/Evocation school, deflecting them back at the caster.
Craft Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armour, Resist Elements, Spell Turning
Crafter Level: 14
Price Mod:
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