Independent Mind

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Type: Faction
The Free League, also known as the Indeps, believes that everyone should be free to do their own thing without being forced to conform to dogma or ideology.Applies: Free League members. Prereqs: Faction membership.Benefits: An Indep, as his faction name implies, has an independent mind that is difficult to control. Therefore, all Indeps gain the slippery mind ability (as the rogue ability.) This allows them to make one additional saving throw vs. a charm or compulsion one round after failing their first one. Normal: None. Special Notes: Indeps also get a 25% discount on all items purchased in the Great Bazaar; however, this is not a power based on belief, but on membership. Anyone who can successfully fake being an Indep (such as an Anarchist) can also get the discount. By: Michael FranzImported from a previous version of
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