Ichorus Wallum

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You are able to detect and follow the footprints of all undead creatures up to 10 days old. Ichorus Wallum means “walk of the dead” in Lower Planar Trade.Checks: By concentrating for 2 rounds, you can determine the presence and direction of footprints left by undead creatures (DC 15). If the check fails, you cannot detect any undead presence. On a natural roll of 1, you err and detect footprints of undead leading in multiple directions. The DM makes your check secretly so that you do not know whether you rolled successfully. This skill only pertains to undead footprints, not to their touch or presence. Retry: You may attempt Ichorus Wallum once per day. However, if obstacles are encountered while following footprints that were previously detected, a second attempt can be allowed to pick up the trail. Special Notes: Untrained characters cannot detect undead tracks. This skill cannot be earned until training with a ranger of 7th level of higher is performed for three days. By: Scott PerryImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
Stat: Wisdom
Untrained: N
Armor Check: N
Classes: Cleric, Druid, Ranger, Paladin
Other Classes:
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Ichorus Wallum

I could see it making an interesting feat as well. However, I see no problem with it as a skill, particularly since it has several limitations: divine calsses only, training under someone who has the skill, and a once a day limit. Allowing it as a skill allows the character to improve his ability with it by adding skill ranks just as one would improve one's skill in nrmal tracking.

In my humble opinion it is different enough from regular tracking that it should not increase when skill points are allcated to the survival skill. The class prerequisites demand some small facility with divine energy. KNowledge of tracking is helpful, but has little to do with positive and negative energies.


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Ichorus Wallum

It seems to me like this should be a feat that relies on the survival or wilderness lore skill.

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