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Given Power: You may cure your own wounds. Each day, you can cure up to twice your current level in hit points. This healing may be spread out among several uses. This also stacks with the paladin's Lay on Hands power, and the Monk's Wholeness of Body power (and other, similar powers).By: Matthew DavidImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
1SleepPuts 2d4 HD of creatures into comatose slumber
2Hypnotic PatternFascinates 2d4+1 HD/level of creatures.
3EmotionArouses strong emotion in subject.
4Rainbow PatternLights prevent 24 HD of creatures from attacking or moving away.
5Mind FogSubjects in fog get -10 Wis, Will checks.
6HeroesFood for one creature/level cures and blesses.
7SympathyObject or location attracts certain creatures.
8OttoForces subject to dance.
9Final EcstasyAs Implosion, except creatures die of an overload of pleasure instead of imploding.
Common Dieties: Erythnul and Olidammara (and other deities of pleasure and sensation)
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