Hatred's Gift

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This axe was created by the god Erythnul to aid in his cause. Given to his Highpriest of Slaughter, the weapon exists to inpire hatred and rage in all it encounters. The blade appears to be continuously soaked in blood, but is dry to the touch, if a little warm. The axe's blades are covered with small skulls from hundreds of different creatures. When used in combat, the skulls along the blade of the weapon come alive and begin to chatter their teeth. When the weapon strikes the teeth extand to rip and tear the flesh of the victim. When someone falls to the blade, thier skull is added to the others. When equipped, the wielder finds themselves compelled to slaughter everyone around them. They can be freed from the weapon's power using a Remove Curse spell.

+5 Chaotic Keen Unholy Axe of Wounding


  • +2d6 damage against lawful creatures
  • Critical hit range doubled (19-20/x3)
  • +2d6 damage against good creatures
  • Every hit causes a cumulative loss of 1 point per round per hit
  • Entering battle causes the wielder to go berserk, no saving throw. 
  • Any one killed by the Axe is absorbed into the blade. they cannot be resurrected except by a Wish spell.

Size: Large

Damage- 2d6+5 Slashing

+5 to hit

+6 enchantment

By: Devon BarlowImported from a previous version of Planewalker.com
Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Greataxe
Weight: 15
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