Descern Key

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This skill allows you to descern the required key for a portal you have found. It is not always specific about the key and may only give the vaguest ideas about possible keys.Checks: For this skill a single roll is made. On a result of 10 you have identified the general area (i.e Animal, Vegetable, Mineral). If you roll upto 15 you have identified the basic structure the key takes (be it a musical instrument) as well as the type (be it a harp strung with cats guts). A roll of 20 or over identifies nearly exactly what is needed for the portal to be opened (A harp, strung with cat guts by the light of celestias 3rd layer) Retry: There is no retry for this skill, failure indicates no information, or even worse, misleading information. Special Notes: A player with 5 or more ranks in Portal Feel gets a +2 Synergy bonus to the roll. A character who is a native of the plane beyond the portal gets a further +2 Synergy bonus to the roll as they innately seem to know how to trigger portals that will let them go home. By: Sean TaylorImported from a previous version of
Stat: Intellegence
Untrained: Y
Armor Check: N
Classes: Bard, Monk, Rogue, Sorceror, Wizard
Other Classes: Gatecrasher
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