Defiance - Warblade of the Lower Planes

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This weapon is an Adamantium long sword with a crys-blade. It functions as a +3 weapon in terms of what creatures it can affect, although it only grants an attack and damage bonus of +2. The gold guard has been worked to resemble a length of broken chain. The handle is covered in basilisk hide; the gold pommelstone is carved to depict a gauntleted fist.

When wielded it grants a Spell Resistance of 7 (this stacks with any SR that the wielder may already have), and upon command it cloaks the owner in a sickly greenish-yellow aura that acts as a Minor Globe of Invulnerability three times a day.

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Degree: Minor Artifact
Type: Long sword
Weight: 5
This is an intellegent item.
Int: 17
Wis: 4
Cha: 4
Ego: 12
Alignment: TN
Communicates: telepathy

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