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Type: AdventureCompany: Bastion PressURL: www.bastionpress.comDesigner: Brannon Hollingsworth & Ken MarableRelease: January 2002Outline: In this adventure the PCs are requested to retrieve a past hero and bring him back to help the nation. Of course, the thing is not as easy as it seems and the peaceful community will have its calm broken by mysterious events. Contents: This adventure has been released on-line and the 62-pdf document contains the whole plot of the adventure, carefully divided in twelve scenes. After the story, you can find a complete appendix with the non-player characters fully developed, monster stats and a handful of new items. The last two pages contain two maps, one for the PCs and the other one for the DM. Merits: Its main merit is the generous amount of information you can fin through all the adventure but especially in the NPC appendix. Each NPC has ideas not only for this adventure but also lots of ideas for future uses. Other of its merits is the fact that is not your usual dungeon-crawl, if well directed, this adventure holds a lot more NPC interaction than combat. Flaws: The fact that depends too strongly in the capacity of the DM to create an atmosphere in the party. If you're not able to make it, this can't spoil all the adventure. Also a map of the Old Mill (the inn of Deadwood) is strongly missed.By: Antonio José Blasco LópezImported from a previous version of

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